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Forum: The Rev. Katrina Grusell, "The Vibrant Hope of Revelation"

The Book of Revelation is often read as a literal prophecy for the future with an emphasis on symbolic interpretation as the key to a divine timetable. However, exploration of the contextual theology of the author and the genre of apocalyptic literature yields deeper meaning from this beautiful, if enigmatic, text. With fresh eyes and listening hearts that engage the divine imagination, the Book of Revelation provides vibrant hope in times to replace injustice and despair. Our forum will be lead by the Rev. Katrina Grusell, who currently serves in many capacities, including: Episcopal Chaplain at UMBC; Administer of Pastoral Care at St. John’s, Ellicott City; and Chaplain to the Corporation for the Relief of Widows and Children of the Clergy in the Episcopal Church in Maryland.