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Adult Forum - Rebecca Hancock, "Prophets of the 8th Century"

Rebecca Hancock teaches Biblical Studies at the Ecumenical Institute of St. Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, MD. She received her Ph.D. from Harvard University’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations in Hebrew Bible. She teaches a variety of classes related to the field of Old Testament Studies, including biblical Hebrew, Psalms, Prophets, and a course on the Decalogue. Her research interests are related to gender, ethnicity, and social constructions in the ancient world. In this forum, we will focus on the writings from the prophets of the 8th century, which include the Books of Amos, Hosea, Micah and Isaiah 1-39. We will discuss their perspective on social justice, the social and political realities of the eighth century in Israel and Judah that shaped those convictions, and the ethical implications of their words for today’s faith communities.