Building God’s Kingdom, One Child at a Time - Hentzi Elek

Would you be willing to work with local school children through Emmanuel?

Jesus said, “ Let the little children come unto me for as to such as these belongs the Kingdom of Heaven.” ( Matthew 9:14.)

Based on feedback from you, the Saints of Emmanuel, one of our steadfast parishioners and Outreach Committee members, Richard Fawcett, has begun conversations with the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School, which is an easy walk from Emmanuel.

The leadership at Samuel Coleridge-Taylor is enthusiastic about the possibility of forming relationships with our church. They particularly hope we might help in three areas:
1.) Tutoring and Mentoring;
2.) Special Activities;
3.) The Regular Maintenance of Uniforms for the Students.

Your Outreach Committee is enthusiastic about the possibilities of our parishioners making a positive, transformative impact in the lives of these children. Would you like to volunteer and join us?

We want to build a lasting relationship with the closest public school, which happens to be Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. We think God is calling us on this journey.

Over the past year, you have given us feedback through various avenues. You stated that you want to engage in “ hands-on” outreach and relationships of social justice and community engagement. You have told us that you're committed to improving the lives of fellow Baltimore residents in direct issues of poverty and social justice.

Finally, your work with The Anti-Racism Project and H.O.P.E. (Antoin's re-entry organization) is a testament to your commitment to addressing both individual and systemic issues of racism, inequality, and lives torn asunder.

The teachers and children down the street are eager and hopeful that some Emmanuelites will partner with them, but we have not made any commitments and are very much in the exploratory stage.

The goal of this letter is to gauge your interest and to seek your prayers. If you are interested, please connect with our Outreach Chair--Herschel Wade, Richard Fawcett, Your Outreach Committee won’t make any commitments on behalf of Emmanuel until we have a group of committed parishioners.

The needs are great, so please consider helping us meet them.

And, pray. Pray for the children, teachers, leaders, and families of all our schools.

With my prayers and gratitude,
Hentzi Elek