Commitment - Jack Carroll

This year during Lent, Erin and I will be starting pre-marital counseling in preparation for our wedding this summer.  The timing is a coincidence, but counseling during Lent may be appropriate:  it’s a chance to step away from the busyness and stress of planning a wedding and make sure that we’re making the right decision.  I have no doubt about my marriage to Erin, but I have been struggling with commitment in other aspects of my life.  I want to be fully invested in my community, but Baltimore has often left me frustrated by our inability to confront our problems compounded by poor decisions by our leaders.  Is this really the place where I want to live my life, pursue my career, and (perhaps someday) raise a family?  Similarly, I have been heavily involved at Emmanuel, and the ups and downs of the last few years have been difficult.  Will I have the energy to keep it up?  As I begin preparing for marriage this Lent, I hope to have the opportunity to reflect on the other commitments in my life and find a way to move from anxiety to peace, optimism, and renewed passion.  As my relationship with Erin takes the next step, I will work to make my commitments to my city, my church, and my job become deeper and more meaningful as well.