What’s Love? - Hentzi Elek

For Christians, Love is a mix of three dancing elements:

Humility, Thankfulness, and Joy.

1.)   Humility reminds us that we are created by God, that we are never totally in control, and that we need each other to be the best Saints that God has created us to be. Needing each other means we need Community and the courage, patience, perspective, and, yes, humor to serve and to be served, to lead and to be lead. Humility also reminds us how much we need To Pray for each other.

2.)   Thankfulness helps us appreciate the amazing nature of our very existence, the beauty and majesty, wonder and awe of humanity and all of creation that surrounds us. Thankfulness also helps us remember and celebrate all the people and experiences of our history that have enabled us to enjoy today and have hope for tomorrow. This thankfulness can further fuel our prayers.

3.)   Joy is the ability to recognize God’s very immanent presence in the eyes and actions of friends and strangers. Joy is the fun, peace, and delight that God’s transcendence shares with us through the appreciation of kindness, peace, and beauty. The wonder of joy hopefully shapes your daily prayers.

In this Season of Epiphany, may we celebrate how God has woven God’s Love into the very atoms of our existence. The triune aspects of Love--Humility, Thankfulness, and Joy--are gifts we receive freely by God’s grace. May your New Year overflow with such Love in all of its expressions.


With my prayers, gratitude, and fondness for all of you,


The Rev. Hentzi Elek, Rector