Kindness - Hentzi Elek

Dear Emmanuelites,

       The dynamic field of neuroscience teaches us  that our brains are “ plastic.” This term, “plastic," suggests that brains are growing, evolving, and learning--not just in childhood, but throughout our lives. Hence, through practice, the plasticity of our brains can make us kinder each day.  

       Kindness takes root and blossoms through practice, a practice shaped by the daily recognition of the importance and fruitfulness of kindness.    

       Your mind may be clouded with anger, pain, brokenness, born of the genes you’ve inherited or the environment that has shaped you. We all bear some suffering from the DNA of our ancestors and that family and world which are regularly trying to impress their will and norms upon us.

       Kindness is one of the most effective keys to our freedom. Believe in the power of kindness. Ask God to help you be kind. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Be kind to strangers. Accept the kindness of others with gladness.

       Remember that kindness is not a tool for control or correction. No, kindness blossoms when we are quicker to praise than to criticize, quicker to see the log in our own eyes rather than the speck in our neighbors. Kindness lives best with her sisters humility and compassion.

       Our world needs Christian communities to be kind, for the world will look to us and learn with us if we model relationships truly rooted in the kindness of Christ.

       May Kindness always be our guiding light for us and our world so trapped in cruelty and self-centeredness. May the kindness of God’s love give you patience and hope, courage and peace today and always.

       With my prayers and gratitude for all of you each and every day,


The Rev. Hentzi Elek