Thank You - Mary Sulerud

Thank you

For a year that changed my life and how I imagined serving God post-retirement

For a community of faith that is responsible for its own healing and care and that of others

For lay leaders who taught me what it means to endure faithfully and still look ahead to what it

is that the Spirit is bringing

For helping me see that God was calling me to move and live in Baltimore

For opening my eyes to my struggle with racism and prompting me to do something about it

For your extraordinary kindnesses to me and to Peder

For your laughter, your intellect, your heart, your presence, your love and hospitality to the

neighborhood, the city and the world

For a staff that is incomparable

For music that lifted my heart and helped me know God

For simply embodying your name Emmanuel—God with us

You will be with me always.

Mary Sulerud