Hearing God - Phyllis White

Hearing from God appears to be an eternal quest. For me, it is a deeply personal process. Through prayer and meditation on the scriptures, I believe God reveals many things to me. In particular the Psalms and Proverbs, because they are a reflection of the complexity of the human experience as lived centuries ago as well as today.
I “hear” consistent patterns in what God reveals to me such as the Psalms’ focus on “righteousness and justice” woven throughout the entire book.

I “hear” what God is saying in terms of faith in what we cannot see and the acknowledgement of our stress in the daily living of our lives. My favorite is Psalm 68:19, “He daily bears our burdens”. I feel He is revealing a God personal enough to care about my daily ups and downs. This is a great comfort to me and yet, a mystical process, a deeper reality beyond the measurement of science and human knowledge and expectation.