Lenten Music - John Repulski

The season of Lent is a time for reflection, prayer, introspection. It has a feeling of austerity and discipline. With music, things take a more somber tone and often a less elaborate texture. For me, as the music director, it also can have a character being more profound and poignant. As I begin my Lenten journey this year, I’m looking forward to sharing some of the great music this season has to offer during our worship together.

Considering music for the season, one can hear the journey of Lent. There is a trajectory we are all heading to (being the Resurrection on the Easter Vigil), and the liturgies throughout the season are structured to point that way as the weeks progress. The music enhances and fortifies the messages and themes within that framework. It’s also is less specific in that the music, or lack of it, at certain times during a service can create a space for the tone of the season to flavor the entire worship experience. That leads to considering those times when there is silence, or the absence of sound. The music of silence can ring louder than anything. The interplay between silence and sound is really where the spirit of music lives. And where music is, God is there also.