Searching for Meaning During Lent - Fitz Hoskins

For me, Lent began with me agonizing over what I should give up for 40 days.  I decided to find something personal and/or self development related that I could begin coinciding with the season. It didn’t take long for me to conclude that these goals have little to do with the intended Christian narrative of the Lenten season.  My thoughts then turned to the story of Christ spending 40 days in the wilderness and his psychological duel with Satan.  I was skeptical as to whether the events in this story really occurred, giving me justification for using Lenten season for any purpose that I saw fit.  However, I was reminded by a sermon given by Mary a couple of weeks ago that “I believe” can more accurately be translated as “I set my heart to.”  This subtle change in perspective is enabling me to give meaning to and experience the Lenten season in a way that I could not achieve through intellect alone.  I hope to continue to gain depth in my experience of Lent during this season.