Reach Out - Hentzi Elek

Dear Saints of Emmanuel,

 I can’t thank you enough for the welcome you have shared during our first two months together. Your faithfulness is humbling. God bless you.








I need your help.

Those 5 words summarize my primary goal with you for the next year. Listen, Learn, Laugh, Adapt, and Love.

So, please speak to me, so that I can listen.

Teach me, please, so that I can learn.

 Show me what makes you laugh and what does not.

Be patient with me as I try and adopt your ways and adapt myself to you, the Saints of Emmanuel.

And Risk.

Risk trying to love me.

Risk letting me love you, love you with all that I have and all that I am.

Please reach out to me directly. I welcome the feedback. I welcome your reactions. I can’t promise you miracles, but I can promise you that I will prayerfully listen.

Honest Communication. That’s the key.

And so, I ask you to please reach out directly to me--with thoughts, or questions; with words of praise and words of constructive criticism.

I am happy to meet with you over coffee, or lunch, or dinner, or sometime in between.

410-685-1130   Office Phone

I believe in you and give thanks to God for each of you, and I am delighted to be in your midst. God is with you, Emmanuel. Be Confident. Be Courageous. And Be of Good Cheer.

Happy Thanksgiving!