Flu Season & Services

Given concerns over this year's flu season, the staff here at Emmanuel would like to offer some general, gentle reminders.

  • During the passing of the peace, you can choose to shake hands, hug, or otherwise greet members of the congregation physically, but you're also more than welcome to greet people without touching--please do whatever is comfortable for you.
  • If you're worried about cleanliness and receiving the wine during communion, remember that partaking in either element is recognized as partaking fully in the Eucharist.* In short, you should feel free to stick to just bread, if you would prefer. (It may also be useful to note that intincting--dipping the bread into the wine--is actually much more likely to transmit germs than sipping directly from the chalice.) 

Thank you, and go (to services or otherwise) with our prayers for wellness and healing during these wintery months.


*In fact, the primary method for most laypeople to participate throughout the Middle Ages was "visual communion" or "ocular communion," based upon Late Classical understandings of the senses.