A Note on Kneeling

A number of you mentioned after last Sunday’s 1892 service that you, in fact, like to kneel for parts of the service—particularly for the Great Thanksgiving, the Eucharistic prayer.  It is only recently that standing for prayer has become common in many Episcopal churches.   For some, this has become the preferred posture for prayer, while for others they do it so as to not be different.   There is an old Anglican adage:  “All may, some do, none must.”  This applies to posture at church.  If you are more comfortable kneeling, by all means kneel.*  If you are more comfortable standing, by all means stand.  Both choices have a long, rich history in Christian worship. I am just glad you are here.

--Jim Holmes

*Kneeling for communion is more problematic right now in our main sanctuary, but the Accessibility Committee hopes to address that when planning for a new platform.